Dark Future content in the latest Humble Weekly Bundle!

The next edition of the weekly Humble Bundle is a Games Workshop special, with titles including Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night, Dawn of War II: Retribution - The Last StandaloneSpace Hulk AscensionWarhammer Quest and more. You can pay what you want for this awesome collection, with a percentage of the proceeds going to charity. Talk about a win-win!

 As well as both Chainsaw Warrior games featuring in the Bundle, we've also included a small teaser for our next Games Workshop title. Games Workshop’s 1988 board game Dark Future was as well-received for its interesting gameplay mechanics and vehicular combat as it was for its uncomfortably plausible near future setting. Part of the enduring success of the game and its status as a cult classic can be attributed to the series of novels, originally written in the 1990s and recently revived, which built upon and fleshed out this bleak alternate universe.

We're currently adapting the board game into a digital version called Dark Future: Blood Red States, so ahead of its late Winter release, we are including an eBook version of Golgotha Run, a Dark Future novel by Dave Stone, in the Humble Bundle. Why not catch up on the series and its rich, immersive world before the game drops early next year?

Matt Davies

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