How Science Informed the Blood Red States

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A major part of the creative process while developing Dark Future: Blood Red States has been the implementation of real world ideas, keeping the fantastical setting grounded in a feasible environment. The original Dark Future board game was set in the distant future of 1995, and as such, we have had to examine what threats the world now faces, compared to those posited by Games Workshop in 1988.

For us to create such a world, while honouring the rich setting already contained in the original game, we consulted scientists from the University of East Anglia, as well as noted games writer and Dark Future novelist James Swallow, about what scenarios could lead to the Dark Future of our adaptation. Drs. Richard Bowater and Helen James of the Biological Sciences Department at UEA, and Stefi Barna of Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia proposed that climate change was without a doubt the prevalent threat, as well as human augmentation, synthetic biology and viral diseases; all of which could play a large role in the degradation of society into what we now see in the Dark Future.

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