Meet the Team

We thought that it was about time to introduce the main team working on Dark Future: Blood Red States so here they are;

Abhishek Sagi - Code

Abhi is the programming lead on Dark Future. He’s in charge of the car physics which he’s striving to make as realistic as possible and is also working on some of the AI. The hardest part of the project for him was convincing everyone else to use Unreal Engine 4.

Sam Chester - Code

Sam has been tasked with creating most of the game’s AI, so if any of the cars start driving in the wrong direction you’ll know who to blame.

Josh Palmer - Code

Another programmer on the team, Josh has been coding the weapons and UI. His favourite part of making Dark Future has been prototyping the game and building the core gameplay from scratch.

Stuart Griffin - Art

Lead artist on our adaptation, and a huge fan of the original game, Stu has been conceiving how Dark Future could look as a digital game for years. He certainly has the knowledge and experience to make it look every bit as amazing as it can! 

Peter Pielek - Art

Peter is a 3D artist on the team. He was tasked with making every gun in the game (which he thoroughly enjoyed!) and even making two of the fully destructible cars.

Dan Leaman - Art

Dan joined us at Auroch recently to help with Dark Future: Blood Red States, particularly the stunning HQ and base of operations. This is where you'll spend lots of your time building up your team, implementing cybernetic upgrades and apprehending gang-cultists! 

Jake Connor - Testing and Community Management

Jake has been tasked with keeping up with the community and creating hype for the game. He’s been overwhelmed by the community’s enthusiasm towards the board game and the digital adaptation.

Peter Willington - Producer

Peter’s job is to make sure all the talented people working on Dark Future have what they need to make the game great. He’s most looking forward to seeing what fans of the original make of our adaptation.